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Made to shine

This is Miriam

Miriam lost her right hand in 2018  when she was attacked by criminals who chopped off her hand for suspected ritual purpose. Her life has never been the same as this incident has affected every area of her life. She lives in Chikwa village of Chama, muchinga province of Zambia. She has a sister who also has albinism and lives in fear that she can be the next victim.

Our organization has invited them to Lusaka for a holiday as we are following up her case in Court. She is under our care.

Meanwhile life has to go on. We are helping to bring back the smile on their  faces. Let them have a good time, look beautiful and let them feel loved.

In this life bad things happen but even good things happen too. There are people who still care.

The theme for this year’s Albinism day is ‘Made to Shine’ and we dedicate it to Miriam who is a survivor of an attack.  Regardless of her condition, dispite what happened Miriam can still shine. She was indeed  made to shine

You are loved, Miriam
Live your life. You have a bright future ahead of you.


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