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Health Care

Health Care

We provide free sunscreen lotions to persons with albinism in Zambia. This is because sunscreen is very expensive and not accessible to the albinism community. Our foundation source for these creams from well-wishers and distribute it to children and adults with albinism at no coast.

We also provide sunglasses, hats, umbrellas and protective clothings to our members to help them protect their skin from the sun.

In addition to that we do health talks, awareness programs where we teach parents and people with albinism about how the sun damages their skin, educate preventive measures and how to look beautiful and stay healthy.

Sunscreen lotions are expensive and not accesible to PWA. Donate some and help prevent skin cancer.

People with albinism are prone to skin cancer which comes as a result of too much exposure to the sun. Our foundation is involved in campaigns against skin cancer where we teach the albinism community about skin cancer, its treatment and prevention.

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