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We condem Grave Robbery

We strongly condemn the grave robbery that has happened in Kaoma district where unknown people have dug out a body of a person with albinism and have taken some body parts.

We are trying to find the family of the deceased so that we get more facts about the ancident. We don’t know who the person is, what he died from and how long it took from the time he was buried to the time his grave was violated. Media houses including the national broadcaster ZNBC have reported the sad development.

We strongly urge families to make sure they put concrete on graves of persons with albinism to stop robbers from stealing the body after they are buried. We also note that some of the people who come for funerals only come with the motive of spying where the person is being buried so that they can come afterwards to steal the body. Please be careful of who you involve in funeral arrangements for persons with albinism. Feel free to contact our organization so when you have a funeral so that we can help with putting concrete on graves of persons with albinism.

Persons with albinism are hunted and killed for their body parts and now it seems they are wanted dead or alive as these grave robberies are increasing. Please be careful and protect your loved ones.

We further send a strong warning to the public that anyone involved in such criminal acts will surely fave the rough of the law.


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