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Emma: Women Empowerment


Thank you, Emma

My name is Emma. Am married with 2 children. My 2nd child has albinism. I think we need more Empowerment as women and mothers to children with albinism.

I dropped out of school after being pregnant. I am a business woman who used to sale vegetables at Soweto Market.  After having my second child who has albinism I stopped doing business so that I can take care of him. As a concerned mother I feel it’s not safe for me to leave my child at home and I can’t be taking him with me to the market.  But still being a housewife is not good enough as my husband is out of employment.

As a woman and a mother I would like to be empowered with school and get back on business. For any help please contact our organization on +260969629952 or email us at

I love my child so much and I thank my family for accepting him as part of my family.

#thealbinismdream #lovealbinism

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